Thursday, 17 March 2011

An intelligent comment from Daily Mail reader

I read this comment.  Then I collapsed.  And when I came around I thought I would post it to my blog.

Alan from York I don't know who you are but I love you!!

Maybe if nurses were allowed to nurse, not spend most of their shifts being clerks, recptionists,social workers, cleaners,junior doctors and being at the beck and call of every other profession who walks onto a ward things might improve. This is before they spend hours trying to answer the numerours calls from various family mambers about how their relative is. Spent a week in an NHS hospital watching one of the most put upon professions working themselves into the floor to meet the competing demands and expectations of patients, management and doctors and being constantly criticisied and blamed for everything thatr happens. A week in a hospital near the nurses station is most informative and some professions need to change their attitude towards the nursing staff. The most work shy group the ones who are ment to take blood but spend more time thinking of reasons not to was enlightening to overhear their conversations.