Friday, 24 April 2009

My Machines

I'm a Scrubs addict and a youtube addict. Deal with it. I have always thought that the TV comedy Scrubs was the most realistic medical drama on television. Sad I know, especially considering that it is nothing but a silly sitcom.

I have posted the link below so you can see what I mean. The video is a short scene from Scrubs where the nurse and doctors are busting their arses to get a CT scan for an unwell patient as soon as possible. But there is a problem. It is late Friday evening and the radiology folks are home for the weekend. The patient can't bear to wait until Monday for the test. Have you ever dealt with radiology out of hours?

MY Machines

I'm telling you, it is so much like real life that it is scary.

Too funny.

More funny stuff from scrubs here: The Dermatologist


Zarathustra said...

Yep. I've met a few radiologists like that.

(See also: Dr Alan Statham on Green Wing)

some cunt said...

Dermatologists may as well have studied accounting.

Greedy fuckers.