Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Daily Mail is so Fucked up.

This article is a few months old. I guess I am really slow. Definitely not as slow as the person who wrote the article below however.

I can't even begin to comment on this. It is so full of inaccuracies. Makes me weep when I realise that people actually believe this shit. No mention of the fact that the NHS runs acute 30 bed ward with 2 RNs who are scared shitless that someone will die because they couldn't be ten places at once. Their only help AT ALL is a couple of untrained kids who have no idea what is going on and wander around aimlessly wearing nurses' uniforms. A nurse in that position cannot be caring or focus on basic care without getting someone fucking killed get it? No mention of the fact that these are the wards where are elderly patients are sent. Sometimes I just find it all too painful to comment on in an articulate manner. No shit the patients think we are cruel can't be bothered, we are running past them faster than the speed of light.

And no Rona, we are not running around trying to play doctor and diagnose patients. We are not obsessed with the medical model of care...far from it kiddo.



Nurse Anne said...

Oh and I'll just add this in case anyone reading this is mildly retarted.

1. Project 2000 is loooong dead.

2. University/academic trained nurses spend a hell of a lot of time on the wards learning about hands on care.

3.If you expect a nurse with an unmanageable workload of acute patients to mop floors and brows and hold hands you are a fucktard. Those things can only be done if she has a manageable number of stable patients.

4. The vast majority of specialist nurses who work away from the bedside are dinosaurs who trained in the "good" old days.

the a&e charge nurse said...

Dear, oh dear, the cliches have gone into overtime, haven't they?

OK, have we all got our rose-tinted specs on? good, then let's begin.

Claims that nursing does not benefit from research based teaching - check.

Matron of yesteryear single handedly running a ward, including washing and feeding 30 patients (and to an ideal standard) - check.

Patients happier back then with a virtual guarantee of better clinical outcomes - check.

Nurses working far longer hours in the past - check

Modern nurses disinterested in hands on care - check.

And (best of all) too many foreign nurses infiltrating the wards nowadays - check.

Yes, the Daily Fail's coverage of nursing is certainly on a par with the standard of aherm, 'analysis' afforded to GPs?


Anonymous said...

The mail is constantly wrong, not just on its constant quest against urses and the health service either. It is a racisit, bile filled newspaper read by morons and bnp supporters.

Nurse Anne said...

The Times and Telegraph do the same damn thing. What is their malfunction?

Against the grain said...

I do think anonymous is wrong. I read multiple media and think the Mail is much more upmarket than The Sun or The Daily Mirror.

Perhaps their heart is in the right place and they are indeed fighting for the elderly. Why do you not suggest you write a column for them. See them as a friend and as not as an enemy. I do understand (as a GP) that their stance is well intentioned and I am sure if my colleagues could locate me, they would probably kill me for this comment. I think you should embrace the perceived enemy as a possible friend.

Do not accept what you know is wrong. Enlighten.

Nurse Anne said...

They don't won't to hear the other side of it. They have an agenda. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for the misspelt comment last night. If you think the Daily Mails heart is in the right place so be it, spend a few days reading its website. The comments from the readers can be especially enlightening. It has a vendetta at the moment against the Liverpool Care Pathway, or Death Pathway as they call it making emotive and unresearched comments on it. It has no understanding of what modern nurses do. It is anti immunisation, the recent story about the poor teenager in Coventry led to some particularly irresponsible journalism on their part. It is pro BNP and racist in its slant on reporting. As Anne said, they have an agenda, they always have.


Nurse Anne said...

That should have read: They don't WANT to hear the other side.

My typing should get me banned from the net I'm telling you.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail is vile. Even worse are the commenters on their site.

I seethe with anger every time I read their website.

Anonymous said...

I am a nurse. I have written emotive and articulate letters to the Daily Mail on many occasions, regarding the absolute difficulties/impossibilites in providing adequate care to the elderly due to NHS nurse staffing. I either get no response, or "we will not be publishing your letter on this occasion..."

The Daily Mail has an agenda, and the public are brainwashed by it.

And nurses further pay for this with abuse.

Matt said...

It amazes me that the mail allows stories like this to be published:

Is their head in the right place here aswell?

Anonymous said...

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