Saturday, 26 December 2009

Nice resource about RN staffing ratios

Remember two things:

1.  NHS nurses on general wards have anywhere from 10-30 patients.

2.  A health care assistant is not a nurse.  Whenever we are using the term nurse on this blog or in research like the following we/they are referring to RN's.  If you are not licensed to practice you are not a nurse, even if you are wonderful caring person who works in the hospital providing patient care.  You are not a nurse unless you are licensed.  And you are not licensed if you did not go to university.  Unless, of course, you are older than Methuselah .  But if you qualified as a nurse without university you are probably long dead or at the very least retired.

Nice one. And the conditions over here are triple brutal.

Hope everyone had  a nice Christmas.  I'm a bit busy but will be back to blogging and answering emails soon.

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