Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Medical Ward Sisters Song

To the tune of 99 bottles of beer.

5 little stressed out Sisters on the wards, 5 little stressed out Sisters , when one of those Sisters has a nervous breakdown and falls there will be 4 stressed out Sisters left on the wards.

4  little stressed out Sisters on the wards, 4 little stressed out Sisters , when one of those Sisters has a nervous breakdown and falls there will be 3  stressed out Sisters left on the wards.

3 little stressed out Sisters on the wards,3 little stressed out Sisters , when one of those Sisters has a nervous breakdown and falls there will be 2 stressed out Sisters left on the wards.

2 little stressed out Sisters on the wards, 2 little stressed out Sisters , when one of those Sisters has a nervous breakdown and falls there will be 1 stressed out  Sister freaking out on the wards.

1 little stressed out Sister on the wards,1 little stressed out Sister , when that one sister has a nervous breakdown and falls there will be 0  stressed out Sisters left on the wards.

And management loves it because they want to hire more purchasing officers and patient journey champions rather than pay for any form of qualified nurses.

What do you think of my attempt at songwriting?  I know, I know I should have a job at Sony. ; )


Valda Redfern said...

Well ... maybe you haven't quite achieved the best possible outcome when it comes to scansion ...

As for the patient journey, we all know what the road to hell is paved with. I wonder, though: what do you think motivates the managers? Are they well intentioned but dumb, or are they after something other than better health care? What is it that prevents their correcting the actual results of their endeavours?

Johny said...

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Muhammad Amir said...

It was also one of the first 'demographic' hits because of its strong female viewership. Autoclave

Muhammad Amir said...

Other series about women would eventually follow, but at the time it was groundbreaking. medical supplies

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