Tuesday, 6 July 2010

No opt-out: nurses told of 'moral duty' to save money/Christine Beasley: Bitch

Once again our esteemed chief nursing officer Christine Beasley is being a stupid government shill bitch.  I am really getting sick and tired of all the bullshit that comes out of the mouth of that fat cow.

I really don't see how we could possibly save the NHS any more money.  These fuckers are ruining professional nursing in this country by harping on about this crap rather than confronting the real problems. Patients often live or die by nursing care (who is actually going to give you the treatment your doctor ordered and monitor you for deterioration, chase your diangositic tests, fight with the doctor to get your pain killers etc etc).

Read the article. But more importantly read all the comments afterward.  My colleagues have said it all.

No opt-out: nurses told of 'moral duty' to save money News Nursing Times

Christine you are a shill and a traitor.  Find another way to save cash.


uknurse said...

God that article has made me feel so mad!! How dare she! And what bloody planet is she on?

The comments section seriously need to be forwarded to that woman to enlighten her of the realities.

I, personally, already save the NHS money in the following ways -

- working through my unpaid breaks, 1/2 hour every day shift and 1.2 hours every night shift (added up over nearly 10 years service).

- regularly staying over late, unpaid, at the end of the shift to complete things that have to be done - for patient safety/legal purposes

- being refused carers leave when my child was in hospital (for which we are entitled 3 days per year) and having to take annual leave instead.

- being refused phased return after time off for surgery, although this is allowed at managers discretion - therefore having to again, use annual leave instead.

- constantly improvising care methods to cope with the massive lack of stock and equipment, having to use serious initiative to get thing done against the odds. Had to hang a drip on a light-fitting the other day becaused i'd used up 25 precious minutes unsuccessfully searching for a drip bloody stand. Thats 25 minutes I can't spare - (see following point...)

- regularly (especially lately) doing the work of 2-3 people because we are not allowed to cover outsanding shifts - with either agency or our own part-time staff anymore - to save money.

* I get serioulsy pissed off when I read what this Beasley woman has to say, when I cannot succeed in managing nutrition / pressure area care / falls etc when I AM DOING THE WORK OF 3 PEOPLE --- TO SAVE F*****G MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

Those “high impact actions” >> improving patient nutrition, reducing pressure sores and falls and cutting staff absence >> ARE NEVER GOING TO BE REDUCED WHEN YOU ARE INTENTIONALLY SHORT STAFFING NURSES TO SAVE MONEY!

God its not rocket science is it - it frustrates the hell outta me :(

Dino-nurse said...

The RCN have never been a proper trade union, lets face it. They have the highest paid officals who are quite happy to drink from the trough and do nothing. Mark my words, over the next few years nurses are going to quit in droves. Why stay when you can do a better job outside the UK? Looks like we will be off to Canada by the end of this year. I can't wait

Nurse Anne said...

I also have to spend an inordinate amount of time on the phone and searching for stuff because pharmacy, path lab, equipment library etc is in a shambles.

We are still working on getting out. I keep telling my spouse they will find a way to keep nurses from fleeing and I want out before they do.

Anonymous said...

Beasley is NOT a nurse leader of any type or sort. Crippin published her CV which shows any nursing she did was in the 1960s. SHE is a civil servant - a government employee and nurses should NOT look to HER for any kind of leadership AT ALL.
As for the RCN - past experience tells me they readily allowed themselves to be co-opted by government. Remember clinical grading and more recently AfC disasters. Anna

Dino-nurse said...

Poor old Flo must be turning in her grave. Whilst she had some pretty austere views in terms of pay for nurses (its a vocation for the unmarried etc) she did at least go head to head with the management of the day. Wonder what the original founders of the NHS would think about the misuse of their legacy? Beasley is not going to put her nice fat civil servant salary and pension at risk by becoming any sort of activist. As always we are on our own. Unfortunately as a group we are pretty poor at standing together. As Dr Kelso from "Scrubs" stated when the nurses wanted to strike "they care about the patients and thats their weakness".

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