Monday, 27 September 2010

Pay Freeze or Job Loss?

Reason number 386 that we are all trying to get out of the UK.  The pay. Registered Nurses (Not care assistants) already work a large number of unpaid hours.  Our pay does not increase as our workload triples or becomes more complex during the course of a shift.  We do not get paid for overtime much of the time.  We are on less than RN's in other first world countries.  Child tax credits are gone, child care costs are sky rocketing.  Taxes and cost of living are high.

I have often hesitated to conplain about pay on this blog.  The problems I describe go way beyond "RN's are not paid enough".

But have a look at this:

And look at this quote from the same article:

“If we have a demoralised workforce, performance will suffer, quality will suffer, so it’s up to nurse leadership to make sure that doesn’t happen"
Nurse leadership?  Nurse Leadership? Oh shit.  What are they going to do? They are too busy blowing the chief executives, looking down on floor Nurses (who are much more knowledgeable by then way) and trying to be  corporate suits.  We aren't going to get sweet fuck all from those age 55+ sluts.


Dino-nurse said...

I'm not actually sure that the "workforce" could be any more demoralised than it already is. I have several excellent senior staff nurses who are about to leave the UK and I'm pretty sure none of them will come back. I will not be allowed to replace them so once again our skill mix will suffer. Rather than bleat on about the perceived inequalities between male and female nurses in top positions (the NT has always had it in for male nurses) maybe the NT journos need to be addressing the real issues....the last thing we need is a mass exodus from the UK as happened in the 80s (I was one of them). I left for the same reasons that are gradually surfacing today and it will have the same effect on staff as it did then. Trusts will get their wish of reducing RNs as they will be unable to fill vacancies as the RNs will not want to work in the UK, let alone the NHS. Patients will suffer but since when did that matter...the tories policy is one of blame, blame, blame...its your fault that you are fat, old, alcoholic, smoke, have asthma, diabetes, got hit by a car, got trapped in a fire etc etc. Therefore you do not deserve free care. They also see all clinicians as the enemy...they hate doctors, nurses, physios etc...MPs see public service as a means to a big fat pension and a pretty fat salary with long holidays...they did not go into public service for the same reasons as those of us in caring professions. So what if Cameroon took a paycut...its not like he is actually going to miss it.Man of the people- don't make me laugh..just like all that BIG SOCIETY nonsense. I have HCAs and RNs who are scraping by. Is it fair that nurses are unable to buy a flat, let alone a house where I am located...and its not central London or even the South East by any stretch of the imagination. Is that the message we should be putting on the recruitment posters? Come spend your life caring for others and end up with nothing to show for it. Who will be left to care for the elderly Dino?

Dino-nurse said...
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Dino-nurse said...
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Nurse Anne said...

We lost 6 RN's off of one ward. It is a ward even worse than mine as far as patient numbers, dependency and short staffing.

We have also lost many ward sisters to retirement, overseas moves, and stress. They are not being replaced.

I have already heard of hospitals closing whole wings due to short staffing. And we currently have a shortage of beds.

This blog will serve as a testimony as to what went on with professional nursing in this country in the years before it all goes really tits up.

Let the morons who think that "degree educated nurses don't want to work at the bedside and get messy" get educated here on my site.

Its the short staffing. When california, victoria etc passed their 4 patients to 1 RN legislations thousands upon thousands of RN's came back to the bedsides there. Those hospitals have had no problems filling those vacancies.

Yet my hospital couldn't fill a Registered Nurse vacancy even if they did advertise and try to hire..... RN's know to stay away from these short staffed shit holes who will only hire enough RN's to keep the hospitals' heads above water.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne and nurse colleagues
The union is right about breach of contract.
From family who are employment lawyers: if a person goes along with the employers proposals without protest THE EMPLOYEE is deemed to be satified to the change of employment contract. The employee must therefore make an official protest ( recorded - email / letter etc) to the employers change of employment contract. In order for legal action evidence has to be provided. Please keep copies of all correspondence.
just retired. Memories of Clinical Grading anyone ? - all the high nurse grades colonised by managers - then disappearance of higher grades. THEN reorganise pay structure with tame self serving unions & start the whole process off again. The nursing profession LEADERS ( have we any?) don't know / ignore history and as always the profession is condemned to more cheating.

Anonymous said...

God how do you move abroad when your house isn't worth what you paid for it 5 years ago? Shit shit shit.

Dino-nurse said...

We keep hearing rumours about ward closures. This year our "rest" phase during the summer hasn't happened- if anything our ICU has been even busier than last winter. Now I have been told that 2 (yes thats a total of 55 beds) medical wards are to be "relocated" although no-one is saying where to. I have been keeping a secret tally of how our demographics are changing...we seem to be getting more and more elective orthopaedic patients transferred to the ICU from our local private hospitals...some of these patients have medical histories that are truely scary and its making me wonder a little.

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