Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New job new life!!

Nurse Anne is pretty happy right now.

My new hospital really seems to have the right idea!!

I now have 4-6 patients.  If any of them are acute then I get less. I have help.  Pharmacy bends over backwards to ensure that the Nurse on the floor has what she needs.  They know (and he said this) that patients suffer and wait too long for pain meds and other ordered drugs when pharmacy takes too long to verify orders.  In the UK the Nurse would be left on the floor with patients screaming in pain and screaming at the Nurse because they didn't get their drugs.  The reason their drugs weren't available wasn't because the doctor didn't prescribe it.  It wasn't because the Nurse was mean and lazy and didn't want to give the drug.  It was because the Nurse could not get her hands on the drugs until pharmacy did their thing.  And it would take hours and hours and hours to get pharmacy to comply.

 In the meantime the UK nurse deals with orders and care for her other patients-tasks that cannot be abandoned so she can sit with the man in pain.  The visitors and the patients stare at her and they say"that man is screaming over there, why is the nurse ignoring him and not helping him".  Well, she called the doctor 4 times over the last 5 hours to get an order for something to help the patient.  The doctor was finally able to come to the ward to prescribe something,  And now the Nurse is waiting on pharmacy. 9 hours total.  That is how long this process can take in the UK. 

Now, these things happen instantaneously for me.  If I have a patient that needs something I can get a doctor on the case and his order verified and dispensed by pharmacy almost instantly.  They work hard at this hospital so that the Nurse can have that. 

Food.  I am now in a place where kitchen sends up enough food to feed the patients.  No matter how ward staff in the UK filled out those menus, the bastards in kitchen never sent up enough.  And they only gave the Nurse a 15 minute window to get trays dished out and an entire ward fed.  In England, the ward staff had to run out with the trays, and put them near the patient.  They had to leave elderly patient's trays out of reach and continue on dishing out trays to the next patients.  Elderly patients trays were left out of reach to stop them from burning themselves on hot food or dumping bowls of soup over themselves.  The staff would run out with all the trays, hand them all out, deal with a 101 interruptions during this process and within 15 minute those goddamn fucking bastards from kitchen would be collecting those trays back in because "they had to take pots etc back down to kitchen and wash them because they wanted to get home on time". 

I actually asked kitchen staff in England if they knew that Nurses were getting blamed for starving patients.  I also asked them if they understand that we cannot help all those people and dish out food for an entire ward in 15 minutes.  They shrugged their shoulders and said yeah so what. 

And people blame Nurses starving patients?  WTF?  Nurses are the last people who have any kind of control over this process.  English nurses get smirked at and sneered at when they bring these issues up to managers.  And I am not talking about nursing managers.  I am talking about the non clinical managers who control everything,

In my current job I not only get enough food for my patients but the hospital understands that Nurses have sick patients with multiple orders and constant tasks that do not disappear at mealtime.  We get trained helpers from the diet department at mealtimes.  If I want an elderly patient to have a carer to stay with them at all times I simply have to ask.  Lets face reality.  Elderly patients need someone who can stay at their side all day in order to get hydrated, fed, and help with movement to prevent pressure sores.  If his Nurse has a full patient load and hundreds to drugs to give all day long she cannot do that for him.  Can we please face up to this fact rather than labelling Nurses as cruel witches who intentionally neglect people?

Now, when I am on days I always have multiple secretaries on the floor who answer the phone and protect the Nurses from unnecessary interruptions.  In the UK I did not have that.   We were told we had to answer the phone or else.  The phone rang constantly and a lot of time was taken away from the patients as a result.

I now have cleaners on the floor, lots of them!  And they are given time to clean rather than having to condense an entire day's worth of tasks into two hours because our managers don't want to pay for any more than two hours a day of cleaning,

No more having too leave the ward and run 3 floors down to restock the crash trolley after a crash.

I now work on a med-surg floor and it is still tough, this kind of nursing always is, but WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MAKES WHEN THE WARDS ARE RESOURCED PROPERLY. And what a difference it makes when the people who run the hospitals understand that Nurses need to be with the patients, not doing every other profession's (social worker, pharmacy, lab. etc) job,

I have time with my patients now.  The amount of real time documenting we have to do (governement rules, yes government does regulate and accredidate US hospitals and fine them if the Nurses don't document the far end of a fart) is still immense and the penalty for failure to document is of course, termination.  But they are always looking for ways to make all this documentation as quick and as painless for the Nurse as possible without violating government policy.  Government policy in the UK dictates a lot of paperwork and data entry for ward based Nurses too (CQC and audits anyone?), but the system they use to do it is much more time consuming and the UK nurse has to do it all for 12+ patients rather than 4.  And she has less in the way of help. 

I have become 100% sure of something.

 Having well trained, skillful, kind, caring and hardworking nurses isn't enough.  It is only 50% of the equation.  If that is all you have, nursing care will -to put it bluntly- be shit.  Nurses need efficient work environments, manageable patient assignments, resources, and back up as well.  If you don't have both of these things in a hospital at the exact same time, nursing care will be shit. 


Dave said...

So when is Nurse Anne writing her book? I can't wait to read it :)

Anonymous said...

Pain relief -yes I quickly learned that in the UK you needed to get organised and take your own pain relief into hospital - and hide it well.

Nurse Anne said...

Christ anonymous patients have killed themselves doing that.

Toby G said...

Hey Anne, good to hear your out of the UK hellhole.

In regards to food.

My Gran was in hospital numerous times and after she died, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and died within that year. Throughout this experience I was brought to the harsh reality of hospital care and spotting many of the issued raised here.

But one thing that stuck in my mind. there were notices stuck up everywhere telling Drs NOT to do their rounds at lunchtimes so that patients could eat their food, the problem was that the food was rarely eaten and the visiting hours were restrcted to two slots with a gap from 11.30 - 2.30

why oh why can't hospitals allow close relatives or nominated people to come in at lunchtimes and help with patient feeding. I would've been there for dad doing that while he was fighting pnumonia and not eating thinking the hospital was trying to poison him (in collusion with Tony Blair and the Nazis)he would scrape his food into the toilet.

restricted to 1 person per bed why can this not be allowed and lift some of the burden to staff?!

Granny Anne said...

Your description of your working conditions now remind me of the way things were in Britain in the 1950s and early 60s when I trained!
This of course was before the bureaucrats got into the act and gradually started to turn the hospitals from places where patients went to be cared for into commercial enterprises where patients became consumer units. There was a much more coordination between the different disciplines instead of the rivalry I hear about now.Sister and the nursing staff served the meals and the orderlies and ward maids washed up afterwards, so there was no one agitating to clear away the dishes. The student nurses fed the patients who needed help etc.
At the time, in my naivety, I thought this wasn't "proper" nursing, but I realised later that not only were we playing an important part in the general welfare of the patient, but they often told us things which were quite important to their treatment, but which they thought were too trivial to mention to Sister or Staff nurse.
Which country are you in now, or is that a state secret. :)

Dino-nurse said...

Glad to hear that you are out of the UK and doing a job that you love. I will be leaving for canada at the end of the summer and frankly I can't wait. I am sick and tired of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. None of the senior non clinical managers want to listen to ward based sisters and the matrons are about as useful as a chocolate teapot. No-one listens to them either. The latest bit of madness is yet another overhaul of all the nursing documentation. I have tried pointing out that maybe we should be a bit more concerned about the lack of RNs on the wards, in particular the admissions units and elderly care. That would cost money to sort out, obviously. I take it the documentation overhaul was free then? We didn't really see that army of band 8s shadowing nurses over the past few months as part of the productive ward nonsense? My evaluation stated that all our problems could be solved if we had no more than 6 patients to a single RN. I encouraged all the other RNs to write the same. Doubt anyone really cares though. I would currently advise any students reading this to get out of the UK whilst you are young and single.

Sue, UK said...

Toby G, our hospital allows that. We let 1 person per patient in at mealtimes to help feed their relative. Christ knows the staff can't feed 30 people.

What I HATE is when relatives just sit there whilst a staff member feeds THEIR mother/father. Can't they pick up the spoon and do it so I can do Ethel in the next bed?

Matt said...

Toby G, I'm yet to work with someone who would refuse to allow relatives in to help feed at a meal time, if and when I do I will call them the moron that they are.

Nurse Anne said...

Toby I always let family in to feed if they wanted too.

But we couldn't have open visiting hours because-well- the short answer is because of the behaviour of the relatives.

Here we have open visiting-family can visit anytime 24-7. But they have to sign something that expains certain things to them about proper behaviour in a hospital ward. And we have a few 400lb security guards that carry weapons and truly believe that deep down inside that they are US marines. Step out of line intentionally and that is it.

I have been planning to do a post on ages about why visiting is restricted like it is in the UK.

NHS Nursing Student said...

"I have been planning to do a post on ages about why visiting is restricted like it is in the UK." -- I am on my knees begging that you do publish this post!

I'm so envious of you, Anne, and nervous for myself. I wonder, am I being trained to be the best Nurse I can be in this type of NHS? In my first placement (acute stroke) I was picking up coping mechanisms to deal with certain "issues" on the ward within the first few days/weeks. Am I honestly getting the education I deserve? Am I on parr with international nurses? Or is it after my education things go wrong because the only choice I have is to work in the NHS. It all makes me wonder. I don't want to be a shit Nurse, I want to be an amazing Nurse, and I know esentially I am in charge of my own learning, but there is only so much I can do in this type of environment. It makes me anxious knowing too that with my better-half being an american I'm likely going to find out what kind of Nurse I've been trained to be, as I'll end up working in the US. I'm afraid I won't compare, that not only have the NHS let Nurses down, but Nursing education as well. Pardon my pondering, but your posts on the state of the NHS obviously make me think.

Keep the blogs coming.

Nurse Anne said...

Hey Nursing student,

The orientation here was amazing. it was weeks long-and that was just classes and practice sessions in the lab with dummies.Then weeks with a mentor and lots of at home study assignments Every new hire nurse has to do it REGARDLESS OF EXPERIENCE because the hospital wants things done THEIR WAY.

i am 10 times more knowledgeable as a nurse now than i was when i quit the UK. This hospital is proof that when bedside nurses are educated and well resourced patients get better, safer care.

I think you should immigrate if you can. I want to email you but i am having trouble with my account. Some US hospitals are shiite with a capital S so let me know where you are headed. You want to go to a hospital that has something called "magnet" designation. Google it. Magnet awards mean that the facility has received awards and ( and reward money) for excellence in nursing care.

They are able to provide excellent nursing care by correct staffing, educated nurses at the bedside (they really push all their RNs towards the 4 year degree), resources and 24/7 support for the nurses etc etc.

These hospitals have better patient outcomes and a lower rate of sentinal events like falls, med errors, hospital acquired infections, malnourishment, pressure sores etc. They have cracked the code. Excellent RN patient ratios along with excellent education of nurses = better care. And of course the board of directors loves all that extra money that gets awarded when their patients have superior outcomes compared to hospitals that short staff and don't want educated bedside nurses.

As a matter of fact all the nurses get a cash bonus because our last audit was so good. Hardly any sentinal events. And our nurse ratios which are 1-6 on some wards will all be 1-4 by the summer. They are using the cash they are getting to hire even more nurses and set up infrastructure to help the nurses do even better.

All BSN degree nurses here and no one dying of thirst. What does that tell me?

Nurse Anne said...

It tells me that you cannot blame the thirsty, dehydrated patients in NHS hospitals on university nurse training.

But man are the strict here. One med error and my ass will be gone. That's good though. Its not like they aren't giving me the tools to do it right. I practically have my own pharmacist who exists for my patients and for my convienance when I am on duty.

We still get a lot of the crap that goes on in a medical ward but my anxiety levels are so much lower and I can deal with it.

Nurse Anne said...

actually all staff got the bonus and it was a one time thing i think. But the staff worked their butts off for that magnet designation.

CNA Job Description said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, no Google account so posting anonymously. Nurse Anne, try going to the Daily Mail (yes, those twats again) and search for A.N. Wilson's articles. He's written yet another "my gran went into hospital it was awful" piece. It always starts with a disclaimer: 99% of nurses are great etc. Then goes into the anecdote about a relative's awful care, swiftly followed by some uniformed bollocks they picked up at a dinner party. A "close friend" (wife's yoga partner's niece) is training to be a nurse, and all they do is sociology on these courses blah blah. Ends with a paen to matron-led nursing like the old days, when Dixon of Dock Green patrolled the streets. Of course, all the sensible comments underneath the piece from actual nursing students get "red arrows".

Anonymous said...

Also, Nurse Anne: I can appreciate why you'd want to direct your student to the decent hospitals, but surely the worst need the most help? In the education system it's the thickest/most disabled kids who get the best teachers. Plus of course, in the US the best hospitals are funded by the wealthiest people. I'll take my chances with universal heathcare rather than my bank balance thanks.

Nurse Anne said...

God anonymous people like you are so misinformed about the US system. There are all different kinds of hospitals in the USA.

Mine is a non for profit and 60% of our reimbursement comes from the government-that's because more than half of our patients can't pay for their own treatment. They get outstanding care in one of the nation's best.

Do you have any idea how much better off I am financially in the USA as far as disposable income?

for a start I have a much higher wage....and much lower taxes and cost of living. But that isn't why i have good healthcare. The hospital pays 99% of the health insurance coverage that they provide for me and my spouse and children. Two of my kids have pre-existing conditions. No problem. My wage was so low in the UK and my taxes were so high because of the fucking NHS.

The small co-pays I have to make here are much much cheaper than the low wages and high taxes in the NHS. And we get better care. It's good for me because of the employer I work for and how the provide for their staff health insurance wise.

So I am thinking about my bank balance too and believe me, it's never been better. Got sick of being held back because of people who think like you.

I have yet to see anyone denied treatment or care or treated differently whether they are medicare (federal funded), medicaid (state funded) or hard working and responsible enough to get the kind of job that provides ace health insurance to it's employees.

It's your job and your employer more so than your actual bank balance that gets you good coverage and health care here. I dont think Brits get that. Why do you think americans are so goddamn competitive?

I have better and cheaper coverage than someone who doesn't work but is sitting on a pile of money. Have you ever met any spoiled rich kids who slack off and don't work? Their parents may be rich but are not rich enough to pay for their grown slacker son's health care. The kids themselves don't bother to find a job because they live off mommy and daddy and don't believe they will ever get ill. They are not insured and they are up shit's creek financially if something happens regardless of all that money they have in the bank. It won't be enough.

The unemployed single mom or dad, their kids , the elderly and the chronically sick and disabled are paid for by the government and get fantastic care in my hospital. People who have been competitive and hardy enough to get good jobs with good employers and thus excellent health care coverage get cared for just as well in my hospital.

The reality of it over here is very different from what you understand. I got so sick of hearing people in the Uk say that anyone who isn't rich doesn't get care in the US.

Sue said...

I believe so strongly in the NHS, I really do, and it could be great; but too much is free here. I think people should have to have to pay so much for ER and doctors visits. Visits to surgery nurses and community pharmacies should be free. Most of what GP surgeries see is crap and could be easily dealt with by a pharmacist or nurse. And we all know that most of what A&E see is pure crap. People here need to start taking responsibility for their own health and not relying on the NHS to nanny them so much.

I can't really comment on the US system, as all I know of it is from the film "Sicko" by Michael Moore.

Anonymous said...

Just found your site. Very interesting, at last 'the other side'.
I had my first ever stay in hospital last year. Just overnight, but that was enough.
My initial treatment for a stent was fantastic. Within 24hrs of seeing my GP I had the stent fitted and was back in a ward.
Then I just sat back and watched. I wasn't allowed out of bed. I had no access to water for drinking or washing and I was freezing. I ended up putting my coat over the bed shivering. Food was good and thankfully I was able to feed myself.
The following day nearly everyone was waiting to leave the ward but we all had a bed blocking 4 hours to wait for the pharmacy to deliver drugs, what's that all about?
Anyway, the impression I got was that the NHS was heaving with staff but unfortunately very few nurses. The cleaning did not happen, and the pharmacy need a gigantic kick up the arse.
Best of luck to you all and I don't blame anyone for moving to a better Country.

Achelois said...

I am just so pleased to hear that you are happy again. Its good to hear good practice stories. So please keep blogging.

Dino-nurse said...

Nursing Student
I wouldn't worry too much about your training. I would worry more about the type of mentoring you are getting. Yes, the UK BSN is heavily weighted towards sociology rather than science but this will be changing. A good role model will point you in the right direction. As for emigrating- I have worked in the US and parts of Europe and no-one has ever said to me that they thought the UK style of training was any worse than their own- all courses are different. Most countries have some sort of exam that you need to sit in order to check your basic competencies and if its canada or the US you are interested in then you can try out practice tests on-line anyway. In Europe, you need to join an agency first and then they will steer you in the right direction. The only thing I would say is that you need to grit your teeth and spend at least 18 months post qualifying (I started applying after 6 months but with all the paperwork etc it took me over a year) and be ruthless about where you want to work. Its better to move to a new city to work in a good UK hospital rather than stay in a bad one. Most of the London teaching hospitals have excellent mentorship progs in specialist areas like ED and ICU (not sure about general wards) although the staffing levels are still appalling and its expensive to live in. I would imagine that the bigger teaching hospitals outside London are also the same- I know Leeds and Nottingham have pretty good reputations (or at least they did 10 years ago) and the same goes for Manchester and Birmingham. The other option is Eire or Scotland. Good luck.

uknurse said...

Just been reading some Daily Fail comments on UK nurses. One chap reckons that UK nurses provide poor care beecause they all have chairs to sit on, where as USA nurses are not allowed chairs on the they are more responsive to care needs. His solution is to remove the nurses chairs...then the care will miraculously improve. What a fisrt class idiot, he really meant it too.

Nurse Anne said...

We have way more chairs on my US ward than we ever did in the UK. We also have two nice breakrooms in the USA, a learning room with lazy boy type chairs etc.So yes, that man is a first class idiot.
I still can't believe that there are people out there who think that the Nurses are choosing not to respond to patients. They can't respond to patients because of things that are out of their control.

The folks who are sitting around the nurses station are not nurses anyway. We always had lots of non nursing staff hanging around my nurse's station in the UK.
It really use to piss me off because I would be 4 hours behind on getting things like pain meds out and orders taken care of. The relatives would be yelling at me because dads pain meds were late and I would say "look I am just so busy I have 20 people needing drugs now and I am getting them out as fast as I can". So the relative would glance over at the nurses station where techs, clerks, OT, and pharmacy etc were sitting around gossiping and then say to me "well those nurses over there dont look so busy".
I would try to explain that those people were not nurses and could not help me get things done faster! But it fell on deaf ears and the next thing you knew the relative was in the local newspaper with the headline "my dad waited hours for pain meds while nurses sat around the station gossiping"

TO THE PERSON who asked about pharmacy times for getting discharge drugs. There is a very good reason that it takes so long. There are a lot of requests for inpatient, outpatient, and discharge drugs getting thrown at the pharmacist all day long. Pharmacy is too short staffed to deal with them all. There is a horrendously long verification process the pharmacist has to go through (believe its a nightmare) for each and every drug he dispenses. it is a lot more complicated for the hospital pharmacists to get your drugs ready than it is for your local Boots pharmacists because hospitals are different.

I never agreed with the whole discharge drugs thing in the UK. The nurses do NOT have time to check what they are giving to you properly. The hospital pharmacist is rushing through a very long verification and checking process. They are getting more orders than they can handle whilst the patients constantly bitch about the wait. The interruptions to listen to the bitching slow everyone down even more and leave even less times to dispense and check.Then mistakes happen and people get sent home with the wrong drugs, wrong instructions etc..very ill hospital inpatients are waiting 8 hours to get their drugs started........ pharmacy cannot check and dispense new admissions and inpatient stuff because it is taking 7 hours to get through all the meds of all the patients who were told they can go home that morning.

The doctor has to write the discharge me orders. He wont do that until after he has seen all of his sick patients. So he may have told you at 9AM that you can go but he wont come back to the ward to write your discharge orders until the end of the day. pharmacy cannot start that long checking process until AFTER the doctor writes the orders. pharmacy will not give the drugs to the nurse until after pharmacy has done their checks.

So really the nurse is waiting on the doctor and pharmacy for drugs.

Anonymous said...

*I believe so strongly in the NHS*

I would like to opt out of your religion please.

ManagementPawn said...

I have no doubts that the precious few who make it upstairs into a US magnet hospital love it.

I'm sure if we had the US budget (more than 60% greater than the NHS's) and the option of telling the dispossessed, the chronically sick and the poor that we weren't obliged to give them treatment, then perhaps our wards would be calm and our pharmacists would have time to see every patient.

I have friends who have worked in the USA as doctors. One even worked at the Mayo Clinic, where all non-US doctors were obliged to 'volunteer' at the Mayo's free clinic in downtown Detroit as part of their residency. He described it as sub-Third World medicine - patching people up with severely limited resources and then sending them off, knowing that he had done nothing curative and only palliative in the shortest possible term.

And I have relatives who live in the USA and pay a four-figure monthly sum for their healthcare, but were denied what I consider to be basic chemotherapy (nothing particularly new or fancy - Folfox for colorectal cancer) by their HMO. They would have been given this freely on the NHS in any part of the UK.

The wards may be lovely, but there's a reason that they're not heaving.

Nurse Anne said...

Whatever Dawn. I am paying $56 dollars a month to cover a family of 4 for full on health insurance: medical, dental, and vision. and both kids have preexisting conditions thanks to fucking NHS delays. The pediatricians I have them signed up with here are ace and have the tools and resources to do a good job.

We take under and uninsured in our hospital and they get the same kinds of beds, facilities, and treatments as I do. 65% of our reimbursement comes from the government. We also have a department that is linked will all sorts of organisations to help people out with bills. Yeah Detroit is a poverty stricken hell hole of a city. But you know, there are 50 states in the nation and all are very different.

i guess your family could always come back to the UK, spend all their money on lager rather than insurance, refuse to take responsibility for their own healthcare and then bitch, and abuse and blame hardworking doctors and nurses when their underfunded local trust doesn't give them the red carpet treatment.

Seriously. Whatever. I don't see any signs of people dying on the streets because they aren't rich around here. I have one cousin who works in downtown Philadelphia and one who works in downtown chicago. I'll have to ask them what the situation is in those cities.

I am youngish and healthy. My healthcare is my responsibility and whilst I am young and healthy i will work long and hard and save for that rainy day in the future when I might become unwell. I will do that in addition to working a tough job that provides good insurance. I prefer that to paying taxes and working in shit conditions in a struggling hospital. That's how I was taught. It's how my kids are taught. Government health care is for the very old, the very young and the disabled/chronically ill.

The UK cannot continue to allow young healthy adults to carry on not doing shit, not saving for the future and expecting 1st world level healthcare handed out to them from the government. It's a fail.

Worry about the UK and the USA will worry about the Usa.

Nurse Anne said...

I mean really you actually believe that magnet hospitals are more expensive and dont take uninsured?? I can assure you that is not the case at all.

Dino-nurse said...

The County hospitals I had the misfortune to work at in the US were about the same as the worst NHS hospitals over here. The All singing, all dancing Trauma centre at Bethesda on the other hand was fantastic and treated everyone, as far as I could tell. Variations exist everywhere.
The problem with the UK system is that far too many take it for granted...our ICU is often full of patients who have taken no responsibility for their health. How bad does it have to be before someone takes a stand? Seriously...a 30 something so drunk that they needed to be tubed and spend the night on the ICU on a ventilator so that they didn't choke on their own vomit?? This is a common occurance, sad to say. Not to mention the abuse staff take in the ED.
I was also better off financially in the US and paid less insurance etc that I do over here (young free and single at the time). Other EU countries have an insurance based system that looks after the poorer members of society but does make the rest of us have to take a bit of responsibility. The NHS has become a bit of a sacred cow over the decades and no longer fulfills its function, I'm afraid. Too many cooks and big boys supping at the trough.

Nikki said...

I haven't checked out your blog in a while. It really did keep me going when I was working on the wards a year ago.

Glad to see you are happy in your new job. I have done similar, got off the wards and now work as a diabetes specialist nurse in the NHS. I love it, I have time with my patients. I know that I make a difference. I have big responsibilities but I have had the support and training.

I wouldn't go back to the wards for double the salary. It's a shame because I know I was a good nurse. I could provide very good care for my patients if I had the time and resources. But I was in tears most days because I just couldn't do what was needed and I was so overwhelmed.

I have vowed to never forget how hard the ward nurses have it.

Ilkut Terzioglu said...


I hope you are well.

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Matilda said...

Congrats on escaping the NHS, sounds wonderful.

nik said...

hi nurse anne. i'm a journalist working on a piece about nursing in the NHS. I've been reading your terrific posts. How can i get in touch with you?

Nurse Anne said...

you can contact me at Thanks!

uknurse said...

Not suprising at all really.

nik said...

Nurse Anne, did you get my email?

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sewa mobil said...

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Wonderland said...

I've meant to comment for so long. You kind of kept me going through my training. When it was bleak you confirmed that, yes, it is really fucking bleak, but at least some people care and can see what's going on.

I've been qualified a year now and spent more time than is healthy crying in the sluice. I'm on a crappy temporary contract with no sight of permanence and a feeling that I'm totally disposable. I want to keep going but some days it's really hard. I started a blog tonight. Cathartic, I think. Anonymous, definately.

I'm glad things are going well for you. Please keep blogging, people need you! It has to get better, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Does "New job new life" mean an end to your blog? Please say you will continue to post. . .

pharmajobs UK said...

Pain relief -yes I quickly learned that in the UK you needed to get organised and take your own pain relief into hospital - and hide it well.

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Anonymous said...

Anne- how is the new job going? Any opinion regarding the possibility of a nursing strike her in the UK? (Over pensions, not working conditions).

Anonymous said...

Please sign this and get as many of your colleagues to sign as possible. If this petition gets over 100,000 signatures it will be raised for debate in the house of commons. Lets get awareness of this raised to the general public and media.
Put a link on your facebook. Anything. We may not be able to strike, but we can at least make more people aware of the problems our colleagues are dealing with.

Sue, UK said...

Anonymous, I think 1:4 is a bit ambitious. There is no way that the NHS can afford that without NI contributions becoming stupidly high. It might have been better to go with 1:8 or 1:6- a more realistic target to aim for, and way better than the 1:14 or more we are experiencing now.

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