Friday, 26 October 2007

Yet More Shit from the Times

Okay Nurses (and everyone else) this is a call to arms. This is war. I hope that everyone reading this sends The Times a letter. I have sent a few comments in. I hate liars. The Times is officially on my shit list now.

Here is another shining example of Journalism.

1. ITU nurses take better care of their patients than ward nurses because they are paid more and care more. WTF?

2. ITU nurses are so superior that they never have patients starving or lying in their own filth.

Not one statement is made of the fact that an ITU has one patient and mega back up and a ward nurse has anywhere from 10-35 patients with NO backup.

Not once is it mentioned that patients on the wards now would have been in ITU a few short years ago. Patients are more sick and more complicated today while staffing levels are falling dramatically.

This is like some kind of nightmare. We are never going to get our wards safely staffed if this is how people think.


Nursing Student said...

What a pile of tosh (the article, not your post Anne).

ICU nurse's pain more then ward staff. Bugger off, they get what their band is. Another crap gin soaked journo hack where I'm gessing they went onto the ICU, happened upon a band 6 nurse and then assumed that because they spoke to a band 5 nurse that the ICU nurse get's paid more.

As for nurse's "selected" to work. Another phallicy of association. ICU Nurse's are not creamed off to work in the ICU, they simply apply to work there as you do any other department (including community). Infact, most ICU nurse's go on to become either Health visitor's or District nurse's for some reason. That was no mentioned in the piece.

One thing really wound me up:- the referal of the Nurses as "She". Well, I suppose being of the XY chromosome type of nurse, I cannot see me ever being called "she". Nor will I ever be seen wearing a dress and stocking's ;-)

What a load of tosh.

the a&e charge nurse said...

I wouldn't call it thinking exactly, just a couple of neurons dropping in unexpectedly on the frontal cortex.

You posts make we cry with happiness !!!!

Have you ever considered a career at the RCN ?

Mousie said...

Fucking load of fucking shite!

ITU nurses get paid more on average because there's a shitload more senior nurses on any given ITU's staff.

If I had a nurse:patient ratio of 1:1, I'd have the time, resources and support to care for their every need completely and give them a frickin' manicure too.

ITU is not the reality of nursing. It's closeted, controlled, well-staffed, supremely resourced, protected, far-removed, isolated and completely different from any other ward environment.

Another example of journalistic fuckwittery. Grrr.

Nurse Anne said...

Yeah if I had only one patient he would think he was in a 5 star hotel rather than an nhs hospital. I would do all of their nursing care and their hair, clean and re-decorate their bay, make a homemade dinner etc etc.

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