Friday, 1 May 2009

Doom Doom Doom. Not. Doom Doom Doom. Not.

I am not going to blog about this. Okay, except for this little post.

I may start to care if the unlikely scenario of swine flu turning into a pandemic along the lines of "I am Legend" "The Stand" or "8 Days Later" occurs and sparks my interest. Otherwise I don't really give a toss. All good films by the way.

Life could get pretty interesting if they start forcing us into quarantine at gunpoint.

My Zombie Plan is ready for action. I might get a valid reason to shoot a hospital manager 50 times and then cut his head off when he keeps coming after me! You do know that I am kidding right?

You have seen Shawn of the Dead right?

The american government seems to have a little too much planned about how to deal with all this, especially considering that it started on one of their pig farms in mexico. I am always open to the possibility that they just know more than they are saying. If you really want to have a laugh read some of the comments below that article from armed yanks. And I guess Swine flu is easily classified as a novel virus.

Since it is such a novel (new) virus, there is no real "herd immunity" so the rate of infection could be very high. Just a thought.

But in the meantime I am just going to assume that this will go the same way as SARS,anthrax and everything else that the media tries to scare us shitless over. What the heck happened with SARS anyway?


Mel Content said...

Have a look at the YouTube footage of the US govt TV ads from 1976 when they thought that there was going to be a pandemic...and ja,hoping to kill some zombies myself

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