Saturday, 9 January 2010

Feeling Nostalgic and Sad.

I'm reflecting on the past and feeling a bit down.

 Is it because I want to go back to the days where the wards were resourced and staffed  so that Nurses could do their jobs? 

Am I getting sentimental over the days when Matron showed some kind of interest in the wards and patient care? 

Am I reflecting on what the wards were like when patients were less ill, stayed in hospital until they were better and market obsessed management weren't pushing as many acutely ill and frail patients through the system with as few nurses as they could get away with?

Am I sadly longing for the days before  management consultants who have no understanding of health care dynamics brought in crap ideas from America to restructure wards and staffing thus destroying nurse care, ruining nurses themselves and killing patients?

Nah That's not what is bothering me at the moment.  Those days all disappeared in the very early 90's.  A little before my time as a Nurse.  I think I had two good months before it went south. Can't miss what you don't know.
I am sad right now because I miss Dr. Rant.    He hasn't blogged in a long time and I don't think he's coming back.  Breaks my heart.  Nu-Labour probably raised his blood pressure and caused him to stroke out and die.

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Dr. Rant.



John Gray said...

I miss my rehab days when I used to run the ward by the seat of my pants.....
I bollocked staff that were crap
I praised staff that were good, and I didn't have to "officially" monitor sickness with a ruler!

can't do that now!

Anonymous said...

In the States, health care has degenerated into treating protocols, not patients. It's Medicine and Nursing by Numbers. The patient is now a set of protocols to follow, not a person. And customer service is King. I don't mind clinical pathways, but why put every person in a unit on Lovenox? Even the 90 lb. elderly lady with a history of GI bleeds? Whatever! It's the Protocol!

Nursing Student said...

I used to read Dr.Rant too, I miss him. Check out my new post Anne, I'm going to try and do a Student Slapheads, thats if I don't go down for murdering one first. Love that your blogging more lately! Keep it up! :) x

Nurse Anne said...
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Nurse Anne said...
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Nurse Anne said...

Thanks Nursing student.

I know what you mean about the lovenox Anonmyous. They are obsessed. Isn't it fun trying to get that injection into an elderly person with dementia who cannot possibly be made to understand why it needs to be given.

Do you mean the Press Ganey scores? Did I spell that correctly? It hasn't got that bad here yet. But we are on our way.

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog. Always stayed away from Dr Blogs after a certain one that comes up when you google NHS blog doctor.

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