Sunday, 31 January 2010

Oh my god. They just don't learn do they.

Years of research and numerous studies show that a lack of well educated registered nurses at the bedside not only causes patients to suffer and die but results in good nurses leaving the profession.  Years of research and numerous studies have also shown that the expensive complications and poor patient care that results from a lack of real nurses at the bedside are violently expensive and costs more money than investing in registered nurses. 

It doesn't matter how good your doctor is  at diagnosing and treating a disease process people. If the registered nurse at your bedside is not on top of his orders and your situation you will suffer and you can die. You will come out of hospital worse than you came in.  If your nurse has 15 patients and only untrained carers to help she will not be able to stay on top of your situation, your care, nor will she be able to implement and observe your doctor's plan of action.  Doctors are not at your bedside making sure that you get those IV drugs or that you are not becoming septic or bleeding out internally.  The nurse is looking for all that when she cares for you.  If the nurse doesn't pick up on those things then they don't get picked up fast enough.

So what are the fuckers going to do now?

Will someone buy my house so I can get out of here faster?  Thanks.

And don't be dumb enough to believe those stats about the number of  registered nurses at the bedside increasing under labour.  They. Have. Not.  Labour's policies led directly to things like staffordshire.  Read my post below this one to see what happened there and why.

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Anonymous said...

Anne Did you ever have the meeting with the top guy that you had mentioned - he didnt show up for the prev scheduled one? You have my sympathy - are you coming back to USA and which State will you be in?