Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Minnesota Nurses tell it like it is

Please understand that this is very relavent to what is going on the UK. We may have national hospitals but we also have hospital chiefs earning 6 figure salaries whilst freezing vacancies for qualified nurses, denying wards the resources needed to function etc. The public doesn't want to hear about this. The only seem to want to walk onto a ward where one Nurse is caring for double digit numbers of patients and abuse her and accuse her of "lacking compassion". When she is calling a doctor or handing over critical information to other staff she is accused of "gossiping at the nurse's station". When she is looking in notes to try and find out what the hell is going on with her 15 patients she is accused of "ignoring patients in order to play with paperwork". When she has a crash during mealtime she is accused of "letting patients starve". And when pharmacy shuts up shop and leaves the wards without medication that they need the Nurse is accused of "not bothering to give dad his tablets". What the hell is wrong with you fucking people?  You want to leave your loved one on large wards where 5 staff are covering over 30 patients and you want instant responses to call bells and one to one care?  Fuck you.

It has got to stop. If you don't want to support safe staffing legislation then fine. But don't you dare abuse a Nurse because your family member waited hours for help. It is out of the Nurses' hands now and in yours.

Here is another excellent video...testimony from the President of Minnesota's nursing association. Everything she says is relevant to UK nursing.

This one below is just sad.

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