Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Need your Help: Daily Mail

They are really outdoing themselves this time.

I can't post on their site but if any of you can go here and post some comments I would be greatly obliged. If it isn't too late that is.  This post has been delayed as I have been trying to research some stats.

Most of the comments are just funny.  Many of them are from embittered older nurses who don't have a clue about what is going on these days.  As a matter of fact, most of them still seem to think that project 2000 is still in existence.  It hasn't been used to train nurses in about 15 years.

The Nurses who did train under project 2000 are less than a fraction of a percent of the workforce.

Nurses tend to be older. The vast majority of Nurses working in the NHS RIGHT THIS MINUTE trained under the old system.

Latest quotes I am getting are saying that less than 3% of Nurses in the NHS right NOW did NOT train under the old system.  That means that 97% of them did train under the old system.  But lets be conservative.  Let's say only 70 percent of current Nurses trained under the old system.  That still means that currently only 30% of our Nurses trained under the new system.  But I am still researching this so do not quote this as gospel.  It doesn't matter anyway, as the vast majority of staff on the wards are not nurses and didn't train under any kind of system.

So what is the deal with blaming poor standards of basic care educated nurses who critically think?   Nurses like that are a rarity in the NHS.  They are so rare, in fact, and so outnumbered by old fashioned trained Nurses that they cannot be the ones to blame for the current situation.  I don't blame the old fashioned Nurses either.  The vast majority of my RN colleagues are old fashioned trained.   They have been doing their jobs for decades, stayed current with their knowledge and know their stuff.

If the Daily Mail and the public really cared about in hospital care they would:
A.  Promote safe RN to patient ratios
B. push hospitals to invest money in the front lines of care
C. Invest in 24 hour in hospital services.

The problem is the way that these wards are run and the lack of support for Nurses.  I will do some comparisons of my time working as a Nurse in North America and as an NHS Nurse in order to demonstrate what I mean.  Next post.


Julie said...

Done.. hasn't appeared yet, but they're moderating.

murse said...

The fuckers have been outdoing themselves since teaming up with the twats at the 'Patient Association' for their latest 'campaign'. Check out these gems over the last few days:
this crap, this crap, this crap and the one where it all began, this pile of shite.
Annoyingly, their goal is admirable but the completely fucked up way they go after front line staff as their primary target completely undermines any sensible discussion that might be generated. Clare Raynor must be spinning in her grave at what is being purported in her name.

Nurse Anne said...

In my opinion Clair Raynor is one of the people who started this shit.

After being away from frontline care for decades and I MEAN decades she was the first one to declare that the whole problem was modern nurses who don't care. I don't care if she is dead she is a moron for saying that.

From the moment she said that people started ignoring the appalling nurse patient ratios on the NHS, the appalling lack of resources and training for nurse etc etc etc and they only focused on slamming modern nurses for these lapses in care. Funny that, considering old fashioned trained Nurses are the VAST MAJORITY in today's Nursing workforce both at the coal face and in nurse management positions.

But try explaining that to Joe Fuckface public.

I just came her from the Nursing Times, where a women was calling Two Nurses who were left alone to care for a whole ward of patients

" cruel, uncaring and should hang up their cloaks".

Nurse Anne said...

Here we go Murse:


My comment was harsh but that doesn't detract from it's truthfulness. The public is ignorant, has unrealistic demands, does not understand how hospitals work, does not understand the limitations Nurses and doctors have ,cannot handle the realities of sickness and death any more and are crashing the service with their unrealistic and fanciful expectations.

Mean but 100% true.

If we want to save our blessed NHS we need to administer intelligence pills to the public. Sorry.

murse said...

On consideration you're right, Raynor was a cow, probably smirking rather than spinning. And your comment on the NT was fantastic!

Dino-nurse said...

Have tried commenting on the DF site. Will have to see if it gets through moderation. Also find the "we can edit your comments" bit rather off-putting. a few other nurses have also commented about the issue of staffing levels and acuity. However the most popular comments are still of the too posh to wash brigade. Typical of the readership of this rag, I guess :0(

Julie said...

Been back and the number of comments is still at 27, which was what it was at 7 hours ago.

Sue said...


At least there is one article that starts to state the truth! But where the hell has ratios of less than that!

Kristina said...

OUTRAGEOUS! It's an industry that makes millions and billions of $ each year and they can't have sufficient frontline care!

Nurse Anne said...

It is a government run organisation. That means that no matter how many billions and trillions goes in.....the money will be gone before it hits the frontlines.

At the end of the day the public just blames and abuses doctors and nurses over it rather than dealing with the real issues. Which of course makes it very easy for management to starve the frontlines of care.

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