Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A Journalist who Understands Nurses: Suzanne Gordon

Wow.  I have renewed faith in journalists after reading this interview with Suzanne Gordon.

 I would really like to see Suzanne Gordon, Minette Marin  (who has described us as " fallen angels" for the Daily Fail), and Claire Raynor have a debate about nursing issues televised on the BBC or something. 

Check this out:

What Journalists learn when they let go of nursing stereotypes and do their homework.

I can't make you read her book, or repost the whole book here.  But this interview is a good start.

And this is nice. 

Another interview here.


the a&e charge nurse said...

Hey - thanks for the link, Anne - SG's observations articulate many of our frustrations, particularly some of the anecdotes.

What I have noticed is that nurses who climb the managerial ladder almost invariably jettison bedside issues for the strategic aims of the organisation.

These strategic aims are essentially concerned with getting as much done for as little as possible - in short our former bedside colleagues morph into mini-marketeers.

The best nursing care is often costly, labour intensive and difficult to measure (think of the ITU nurses who looked after Christopher Reeves).

Off topic, I know, but I do hope Capgrass takes up your offer to supply a guest post ;o)

Nurse Anne said...

Bang on charge nurse. You hit the nail on the head.

Oh remind me to stay away from the nursing times. There are so many fucktards on their who haven't worked on a ward on 20 years who are claiming that university educated nurses cannot take a blood pressure and are taught not to want to have patient contact. Now when nurse who has 15 patients and she doesn't catch a deteriorating patient fast enough it is because "these degree educated nurses don't know how to spot a deteriorating patient because they don't understand how to do this nor do they want to go near their patients"

What in god's name are these fucking people smoking.

How could anyone form an intelligent opinion of what today's ward nurses if they haven't worked on a ward very very recently as a lone nurse to 15 patients? The thing is, they cannot.

@rdjfraser said...

I definitely love Suzanne, she is a great person and a fantastic coach to nurses about how to refer to our profession. I always wanted to thank you for posting a link to my interview with her, she really needs to be heard by more nurses!