Wednesday, 13 January 2010

What the Hell is Wrong with David Cameron

He thinks that nurse training is "too academic". 

No David, the wards are fucked up hell holes, the students do not really function in a supernumery manner, and returning nurse training to hospital schools of nursing won't change a goddamn thing. 

We need a lot more highly skilled and experienced RN's on the wards.   Not more novices. Novices are all we have.  Give us more trained nurses on the wards and the students may actually learn something, rather than running around like a headless chicken answering callbells and taking shortcuts so that she can deal with 20 patients per second. 

Look at the lack of trained staff on the wards.  Look at nurse ratio statistics. Look at nurse education statistics.  Look at what the hospital managers have done to deskill the nursing workforce by bringing in too many untrained carers while skimping on trained staff.  What they have done isn't cost effective because of the high costs of patient complications that result from lack of RN's.  What they have done just hurts patients and ruins nurses.

Let's all write to him and set him straight.

No way is a bedside RN who didn't train at university at least on some level ever coming near me or my sick relative. 

The degree students do work on the ward and they jump straight in and get their hands dirty.  Supernumery my ass, no way are they actually supernumery. The ward environments are  so completely fucked up that you couldn't teach Kerry Katona to snort cocaine properly on them.  It wouldn't matter if she was doing a degree course on it or the "good old" nose hands on training.

But I guess he can't be any worse than Gordon Brown.  What do you guys think?


Nursing Student said...

I was going to write a blog on this earlier but it's as simple as this; Trust a fucking tory to jump up the arse of joe public. I just KNEW that after the complete public "outrage" when it was announced english students were going to move to the degree, that the conservatives would be all over it. It seems to me that he is adressing the real concerns (and naieve concerns at that) that the PUBLIC have with nurse training rather than what concerns NURSES have with Nurse training. I'm going to end up not fucking voting this year for either party, they both talk shit. It makes me so angry!

cb said...

Sounds like he's after the 'daily mail' readers' votes. Although I am very far from an apologist for the current government, I think he could be worse..

StudentODP said...

I think they can achieve parity on incompitence.

Zarathustra said...

Funny, I must have hallucinated those 2500 placement hours I thought I did in order to get my nursing degree. Apparently I was just sitting around reading cultural studies textbooks.

As CB says, he's just pandering to the Daily Mail/Daily Express readership. Next week he'll be spouting Princess Diana conspiracy theories.

murse said...

Where you over here last time these twats were in charge, Anne? Suffice to say, Never Trust The Tories.

Anonymous said...

I actually emailed Mr Cameron with the address of your blog. I'm not entirely sure what I expected to happen afterwards, but I am extra disappointed to hear him say what he did.
Keep up the good work, here and in your hospital.
With love from a HCA intending on doing my Nursing degree x

Nurse Anne said...

David Cameron is probably the last person who wants to see any kind of legistlation to go through to see the wards staffed properly. He would see this as something that costs money. It actually saves money because of decreased patient complications etc.

I think we all need to be prepared for a nurseless future. I recently had someone tell me to just quit if I don't like it. Well yes, that is what everyone is doing. No one but the most callous people can handle the ward conditions. We will have no nurses on our wards.

What that means for us as patients is this: when we go into hospital a brilliant doctors will operate or diagnose us and order a treatment plan. And we will suffer malnutrition and dehydration, pressure sores and infections as a result of shortstaffing. We will suffer from failure to rescue and errors as a result of poorly educated nurses. This is a situation that is bound to get worse, especially if they cannot even see why bedside nurses should be as highly educated as possible.

If they don't improve working conditions for nurses we will just lose them. That's what management wants because they don't want to pay them.

Nurse Anne said...

But what do I care, like a lot of RN's who are desperate to provide great care to general patients I am getting my ass the hell out of here.

Anonymous said...

David Cameron is a twat

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